How To Choosing Trailer Jack Weight Capacity


Trailer tongue jacks come in different weight capacities, so which is right for you? Depends on how heavy of a trailer you have. But that's not the only weight to take into consideration.  A trailer tongue jack is designed to lift the front of the trailer, so you first need to know how much your tongue weight is. The most accurate way to determine trailer tongue weight is to weigh your trailer.

Not only is the tongue jack lifting the weight of the front of your trailer, it is also picking up the rear of your tow vehicle.

How much does the rear of your tow vehicle weigh? You could weigh it, or you could look up the weight of your vehicle online and figure that about half of that rests on the rear axles. You aren't going to be lifting the entire weight of the rear of your vehicle, but this gives you a rough idea.

Better to have a jack designed to lift more so that it doesn't run the risk of breaking because you were lifting too much weight.

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