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Build Your Own Brand - Part Three

Build Your Own Brand - Part Three

This is a true story happened to one of my customer.  

This customer was also an agent of a well-known brand a the beginning.  After a communication he felt that the price of our products was more competitive. Our trailer spare parts can bring him more profits. At the same time he also wanted to own his own brand. But they worried about the quality of the products, and they worried that customers will not accept   our trailer parts.


We give him some suggestion:

Step 1: He can place a trial order of jockey wheel or other parts. He can sell our products and well-known brand of products together. Let customers to compare quality and price.

Step 2: If they think there is no problem with the quality of our products, then prepare brand building.

Step 3: After they decided to start their own brand we do OEM for them. We put a label on jockey wheel and trailer jacks (the company name, address, contact information), Stamp logo on boat trailer parts.


The customer accepted our suggestion and place an order of 100pcs jockey wheel and some trailer parts. They and their customer both think our quality is not worse than others. So they are on the way to build their own brand of trailer parts.


After more than five years of development, the customer's brand has already had a certain influence in the local area.


The customer told us that every time they see the product with my company logo, they are very happy. They feels their brand and their company is being known by more and more people.


There were some difficulties at the beginning, but now their profit is better than before. Moreover, their entire company has a bright future. They told me their original choice was correct.

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